Sunday, November 2, 2008


Hey-How for Hallowe'en!

All the witches to be seen
Some in black, and some in green,
Hey-How for Hallowe'en!

-Traditional song

We had a festive Halloween this year. Kaley spent Halloween eve at our house and we watched Penelope...again. Halloween afternoon we made mini pizzas with pumpkin shaped cheese and bat shaped rice krispy treats. Of course, there was the prerequisite viewing of It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

During all of these festivities I cranked out a pair of bat wings for "Violet the Fruit Bat." I wanted to make ears but ran out of time. She looked quite cute flapping around in her costume making her "eek, eek, eek" bat noises.

I set out the costume trunk so that Violet and Sam could so some early dressing up. Which produced two princesses:

Our plans to go to New Mexico were diverted so we decided to change up the whole Halloween routine. We changed our normal route from Leslie to Mountain View. It shaved about a hour and a half off of our overall driving time which allowed for even more Halloween merriment. We met at Katie's and trick or treated her neighborhood and then headed to Granny's. She had her house decorated so cute and was happy to see us. We hit some of the houses on her block and ended up at Tommy's pizza.

Family owned and operated, Tommy's is a fun place to dine with great pizza. They were all dressed up and encourage trick or treaters. Their treats? Pizza.

in the kitchen at Tommy's

Sean was dressed as Iron Man. He crafted his power hub out of a touch light and shower head. It looked great and was very inventive.

One of the guys dressed as a henchman, and the guy in the back doing the dishes was a ghoul. They were blaring The Who and cranking out slivers of pizza to all of the costumed customers. It was a fun way to end the evening.

Violet eating her yummy Tommy's "trick or treat"

Sam "the ninja" hangin' out at Tommy's

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Liz said...

That is the cutest little fruit bat I have ever seen!