Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Warning::: this is a not so happy post

My family is going thorough a transition.  We are loosing my Papa.  We are taking shifts to be with in him so that he does not have to feel alone in his journey.  I think that these shifts not only for him, soothe our souls, help us to come to terms with the loss.  He is a man that never met a stranger, would give you the shirt off his back, and do this in the most humble of ways.  Finding my list of happy things this week took some soul searching, but I feel as if this list of happy things might be the most important of all.

 My Papa would want us all to find happiness even in this time of loss.  I think that finding things that make us happy even when we are grieving can help us find light in the darkness.   Here are the things that have brought me comfort this week.

:. The Happy Book.  This was calling to me while I stopped in to Barnes and Noble for a glass of the next thing on my happy list.

:.glasses of Passion Iced Tea from Starbucks

From the Trade Paperback edition

:.SARK.  I have a book by Sark called Inspiration Sandwich.  It has always been one of my favorite.  I found her blog this week.  Check it out.

:.Baking cup cakes with my cousin and daughter

:.Old Navy Sales- retail therapy is the best

:.The Potato Chip Scarf.  Knitting is such a meditative process for me.  

:.Velvet Pumpkin Soup  mmm delicious. Comforting to the soul.  Don't you just love Ree Drummond?

.......... Coldplays Fix You...I struggled with weather or not to put this on my list...I so wish that I could fix this hurt that has seeped into the souls of my family.  This version is sung by a group of elderly people that call themselves Young at Heart Chorus.  I saw an Independent Lens documentary about them back in the summer. I found it so moving then and today it holds an even deeper meaning.  This film is definitely worth checking out.  This song has been on my mind. 

If you follow the link I will  warn you this is an incredibly moving version of this song.  I have found some solace in it. 

Thank you out there for listening.


Liz said...

Your happy post made me cry but good tears!

Liz said...
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