Friday, July 31, 2009


"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere"
~Chinese proverb

monster toast

magic mailbox
crafting mixed media map of our farm
making monster toast
"M" mosaic
......Sorry about the total randomness of the order of my pictures, but as I have mentioned in previous posts, my computer is on the fritz.....

Our last Five in a Row unit was on Madeline, and the letter of the week (more like two weeks) was "M."We did a lot of fun activities. In addition to reading Madeline, Madeline's Rescue, and studying about France we did a bunch of "M activities."
Violet really got into making a "M"ixed "M"edia "M"ap of our farm. We used a big piece of butcher paper for the base. I cut out a bunch of different house, tree, etc shapes out of paper and magazine scraps. She used crayons, colored pencils and markers as well. We talked about the meaning of mixed media art.
In keeping with the "M" theme, we read Magic Mailbox. Then we crafted the mailbox out of a shoe box. I cut a door in the front, poked a couple of holes, and threaded a ribbon for a handle. We attached the flag to the side of the box with a brad. Then Violet added a bunch of stickers to jazz it up. We had to follow it up by writing a letter to Mimi (great way to practice those "M"s) and Grand Daddy. I can see that is going to be a part of a lot of imaginative play.

On Thursday we had a "M"onster day. We read Lamont the Lonely Monster. When I was in school, I remember that my teacher read it too us. It is the sweetest book. I loved it so much that Mimi (my mama) took me down to the local Hallmark store and bought it for me. Violet really loves it too. We followed the book up by making "m"onster toast. This recipe came out of an awesome book called Kinder Krunchies. This was first introduced to me as a child by Mimi. It is really a simple recipe.
Monster Toast
Add a few drops of food coloring to a little milk. We chose three colors. It is a good idea to make the colors really bright so that they show up on the toast.

Paint the monster face on one side of the white or wheat bread. We used wheat. You can also make the letter M on the back side of the bread.
Toast and spread lightly with butter. We made ours into monster toast peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I have to say they were quite a hit.
Tomorrow it is supposed to rain all day and we have vowed to stay home and have a family day. We are going to experiment a bit with French Food. I see some pain perdu (basically french toast) and crepes in our future. Yum! Have a great weekend!

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Liz said...

MONSTER TOAST! Oh.....I love monster toast! What fun and educational projects you are doing. Seriously, I want a lesson. Great job!