Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I actually had more than a few minutes on the Internet this evening. After checking my fav blog spots...piggies pleasures, and soule mama(she is such a constant source of inspiration, I love this entry of her sewing with Adelaide. Gotta do this more with Violet)...I checked out the crafty crow which led me to this site and a tutorial for a hungary caterpillar bracelet. Violet and I want to make one. So I ask you ? Where is Auntie Lizzie and a package of shrinkie dinks when you need them? We are huge fans of The Hungary Caterpillar and Eric Carle. If I could cash in a wish....I wish we were sitting in Auntie Lizzie's newly decorated kitchen geeking out on shrinky dinks.

...and one more totally cool site I have been wanting to mention for a while The Toy Maker has a bunch of really awesome free stuff on it. I want to print some of them out for Violet's Easter Basket.

Until next time...Thanks for keeping up with my stream of consciousness

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Liz said...

I wish you were here too! I love that shrinky dink bracelet! What a cute idea. We should do this when you come to visit next month! I have plenty of shrink plastic and I know where to get more. :-)