Saturday, September 13, 2008


Friday Night we took Violet to the Stone County Fair in Mountain View and had a bang up time.
First, on the list was the livestock barn where we checked out the prize winning animals.

There was a very photogenic pig that my sister would have adored,

and this massive thing named Harry Porker.

Kalin took a shine this sheep.

Then it was on to the rides. We gave Violet 5 tickets and let her pick the ones she wanted to go on.

Her first pick was the gigantic slide. I helped her climb the incredibly tall stair case and was proud as she went barrelling down the slide. She is definitely a dare devil...but thankfully not so much as to let her daddy convince her that she and mama needed to ride the Ferris wheel. That is definitely not my bag baby.

She also picked the carousel. Which was always one of my personal favorites. I had to volunteer to stand next to her while she rode on one of the horses...for old times sake. It was a bit more rickety than I remember it being, but still lots of fun. She tried to go on this other fun house sort of thing but chickened out when it required walking through a dark tunnel. Can't say that I blame her.

The big spinny bear ride was a big hit.

I can't tell you how much joy it brought us being able to take her and experience this new thing with her. We had taken her a few years before but she was too young to remember. It was also satisfying to expose her to our little community, which is very important to me. This area is rich with a culture that she should in some way be a part of.

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