Sunday, July 6, 2008


I am in the process of furiously packing for the New York show. Did I mention that my husband and his father and brother
make fine wooden swords that we market to Renaissance Faires and other sword enthusiasts? The Sterling Renaissance Festival
opens this weekend and we are headed up there set up. It is one of my personal favorite shows. Sterling is such a beautiful
area, not to mention the weather is considerably cooler...and they do not have nearly as many ticks as you find here in the
summer in the Ozarks. Having Lake Ontario about two minutes away is also a perk.

Yesterday morning it rained which foiled my gardening plans so I whipped together two new duffel bags for our trip. The idea came from a pattern that was given to my mother by one of her co-workers. I completed them from start to finish in a couple
of hours. They are super easy. I am going to make a bunch for the Wild Violets shop when I get home. You can also see the tupper (or what my mama calls an Arkansas suit case) in the background. They may not be pretty but they keep my clothes dry. :)

After all of my housework was done... I sat down to some British comedy, and this awesome band Femi Kuti lung tonic tea for on Austin City Limits...and made a sleepy time tea from spearmint, lemon balm, and lavender that I harvested and dried from my garden. I also blended up some mullen and pepermintKalin...Gratifying stuff...

In the midst of packing a Vi Bot landed in the house....with a little help from me and some robo-construction strips, she
refashioned Kalin's lantern box into a

Until next time....
May the force be with you....

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Liz said...

That is the cutest Vi Bot I have ever seen!