Tuesday, March 20, 2012


"In the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips."
~Author Unknown

I have been taking this awesome on-line sewing course from Red Velvet.  This inventive business offers clothing in their online shop and super cute store in Springfield, Missouri.  How convenient you say, I living in the Arkansas Ozarks, am really just a hop skip and jump away.  I plan to make a mecca to their awesome store (hopefully with my sister) where they provide baked goods and vintage clothing.  What is so cool about Red Velvet is that it is run by two talented sisters.  Emma who makes the baked goods and bubble tea, and Elsie who designs the clothing.  They are quite the inspiring pair.  You can check out their lovely blogs which are among my favorites...A Beautiful Mess...and...Food Coma.

What makes this class even more exciting, is that my sister Liz and I are doing it together, across the state line.  It has been a fun way to connect because as it turns out we have been working on our projects at exactly the same time!!  At one point when I checked in, she was picking our her fabric at the very same moment I was doing the same.  It is the simple things in life that are such a pleasure.  Right??

 Anyway to catch you up here are projects #1 and #2.  Sorry about the shoddy photog for #1 but I was working with terrible lighting.

This project was to  practice
the art of top stitching

For this project I channeled Fraulein Maria and used an old vintage curtain I have been saving for years. I looovvve tote bags (it seems I am always lugging a ton of stuff around), so I was happy with the way this came out.  Also see that magazine poking out (it just so happens that magazines are one of my other passions), it is Mollie Makes, a super cute magazine chock-o-block full of crafty stuff. It also coincidentally has a nice article about the Red Velvet gals. Oh and the knitting needles are some that my husband made for me.

Stay tuned for project #3 a make-up bag with vinyl lining.  Smart!!

Til next time...

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