Monday, April 11, 2011


:. Beans.  I love the way they sparkle when you wash them.  They are so satisfying to watch evolve from dry to delicious.  I recently had a bean making lesson with my Grandmother who taught me the way her Mama made them.  It is magic.

:. This cool soda bottle idea.  I saw this on a site that my sister found.  What a fun idea for a eco friendly project.    This will be great for Earth Day

:. The Cowtown Farmers Market.  If you live in Fort Worth you have to check out this market.  You will find friendly faces and great grub.  I am especially in love with the goat cheese made by Latte Da Dairy.  It is truly spectacular and comes from very happy goats.

:. Family Gatherings.  Over the weekend the family gathered together packing loads of food for a feast.  Good Times were had by all!

:.Home.  This song is one of my favorites even though I can never remember the title of the band.  This makes me feel a bit old.  Anyway they are called Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.  I had to look this up.  Thank you to my sister for introducing me to them.
While trying to find a link to these crazy cats   I found this totally precious cover.  You have to check it out!!!!

:. Tiny pullet eggs. These are eggs that are the first eggs that are laid by young chickens.  They are so cute and Violet looooooveeees them.  This one was produced by an Araucana Hen.

:.Family Garden Journal.  I found this tutorial on the Rhythm of the Home site.  We will definitely be doing this project this year.  I love this site.  So many wonderful ideas.

This aromatic Joseph's Coat Rose growing beside our booth at Scarborough Faire.

:.These pecan trees also growing around our booth.  They are just starting to leaf out but in a month or so they will provide a lovely canopy to find refuge.  They are especially wonderful for sitting under while enjoying a pcinic with you daughter and Grandmother.

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