Thursday, January 20, 2011


" About the woodlands I will go, to see the cherry hung with snow.”
                                                                                                                                     ~ A. E. Housman

Today provided another blissful snow day in the Ozark Mountains.  It snowed all morning.  We played outside in it for a while.

I walked down our path a ways, while Violet and Kalin constructed yet another snowman as the snow gently fell around us.

 The woods were ever so magical.  It is amazing to me the many nooks and crannies that the snow reaches.

The birds were at the feeders thankful for our gifts.  We made them some yummy bird treats and filled the feeders to the brim anticipating their hunger. 

This evening as I headed outside to dump our compost.  I was sure that someone had moved in across the mountain.  Where did the new porch light come from?  No, it was the amazing full moon rising over the ridge.  It was completely indescribably huge and bright and made the blanket of snow glitter like a fairy wonderland.

 I do wish that you were here to enjoy this with me.  I can put the tea kettle on, or french press.  Cocoa perhaps?  Which do you prefer?

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Melissa said...

How pretty, Carrie! Loved seeing Violet in the snow!