Friday, October 8, 2010

The Magic School House Goes on a Field Trip

"Do or do not, there is no try"

Hello friends.

Violet and I went to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History yesterday, and had a most magical time. There were some things (samurai armor and the old west town replica) from my childhood visits that I missed, but they have done such a great job of providing children a real hands on experience. I think that is their mission, it really encourages parents to engage their children and play with them.

Upon arrival, I presented Violet with the map and made her the tour guide. She led us right to the Dino Exhibit. This exhibit is very much geared towards children and provides lots of learning opportunities.

Violet was totally inspired and decided to make some sketches in her journal of the Palukskysaurus Jonesi.

We hung out in the Innovation Studios. This place was so inspiring I was ready to move in! From the artistic decor, to the music, to the activities they have available, they totally immerse you in the experience of their museum.

We were constructing a structure with these awesome building straws when I looked up. Can you imagine my delight when one of the quotes dangling from the ceiling was by one of my personal heroes?Yoda!

We spent some time in the Dream Time Exhibit which was a seamless creation of art and science.

The designer, sculptor Warren Muller, uses found objects and junk to illustrate different scientific concepts. There is a beautiful junk sculpture on the ceiling outside the exhibit that is just amazing.

We were so excited to see what awaited around each corner. We had such a marvelous day, and can't wait to go back. Thank you to The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History for providing us with another generation of magic.


Liz said...

How fun! Violet is so stinkin' cute! Yea for a new blog post!!! :-)

Wild Violets said...

I know huh? It has been a while. I also posted an old one for kimchi dumpling soup from back in July!!!