Tuesday, June 22, 2010


" Okay, he either said, move to the back of the throat, or he wants a root beer float"
~Dory interpreting for the whale in finding Nemo

Every summer our dear friend gathers the children in our community together for the making of root beer. This year was our first year to join in this 30 year long tradition. This delicious elixir is shared by all at our summer solstice gathering.

There was a whole lot of mixing,

and packing of bottles.
Then all we had to do was wait a few days for the root beer to do its thing.
It is timed so it will be ready to consume during the solstice celebration...
It is really quite easy. I am not sure of his official recipe. I normally do not like root beer, but there is something about his recipe that I find quite delicious.
I scouted the internet and found a recipe here. I also found that you can purchase the root beer extract on the Zatarains website.

The children have so much fun doing this, and it gives them so much gratification watching the people of the community sipping on the ice cold root beer.

***Please note the obvious... it is root beer in bottles in the pictures. Recycled Corona bottles are really easy to cap so that is what he uses!!! *****

The festivities continue, after the root beer is crafted, down at the swimming hole on his land. The perfect way to end the day!!

We had so much fun and I am so grateful to our friend for including us and the community in this great tradition!! Happy Summer everybody!!

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Liz said...

violet looks so cute in her hat! She also looks like you forced her to take this picture. How fun to make root beer from scratch! That is awesome.