Saturday, December 19, 2009


"May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through!"
~Author Unknown

December 13,, Santa Lucia Day, is a big holiday around these parts. If you are interested in the history check out this site. We all woke before dawn, dressed in white with red ribbons, and awakened Violet's Grandparents with hot muffins and carols. This is always fun.

We decided our project for the day would be wreath making. After a little winters nap we embarked on a walk around our woods to gather evergreen, grapevine, berries and other items offered to us from nature.

It was a lovely time. We brought our finds inside and each constructed wreaths, all beautiful, but all so different.

Also, while we were out hunting for wreath accoutrement's Kalin, Noah, and Steven were setting beams into place on the house. Progress is good!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas! Happy crafting!

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Liz said...

So, you ARE going to make the first picture of Violet into a Christmas card right? I love it! Oh, how I wish I had a mountainous back yard to pick pine to make wreaths! Maybe some day. Violet looks so grown up. Tell her to stop that!