Tuesday, June 23, 2009


"Fun is good."
~Theodor Geisel

Violet was enrolled in ballet camp last week. They did art projects, danced, sang songs, and played games. She really had a lot of fun. I was glad that she got to be a part of it. We are lucky to have such a wonderful ballet school out here in the sticks. :)

Cute flower ring made for me by Violet
While Violet was at ballet camp, I had two and a half hours wach day all to myself. Rather than drive the twenty minutes home, I decided to spend the time taking advantage of some of the cool stuff around Mountain View.
I got a 30 minute walk in at the park each day.
I found some treasures at this new flea market/antique store. I will post pictures later of my finds. I was really excited to run across some things that I had been looking for.

I spent some time at the Turner Coffee Bean, this awesome new shoppe in Mountain View. They have great coffee, tea, and sandwiches, and free wireless!!! Wahoo!!!! I guess we are moving up in the world.
Iced Jamine Green Tea brewed fresh on the spot. Refreshing!!!
Love the table centerpiece
I also stopped in to visit my friend Renae at Ritsy Rags. She just moved her shoppe to a new location and I had to check it out.
All in all I think that Violet and I had a great week!!!

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Liz said...

Violet is so adorable! I am glad you got some time to yourself, you certainly deserve it. Cute little flower ring!