Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, but Today is a Gift"
~Ugway from Kung Fu Panda

Hey there!!! It has been quite a while since my last post and man, a ton has happened...

...a new precious addition to our community, Kiran Mikal Daly

...a major ice storm, that wreaked havoc on our woods and power lines

Do you see the little birdie?

Violet and Daddy went on a track search

my new farm boots, great Christmas gift from my honey

frozen candy cane days without power...we traversed the woods to seek haven at Kalin's parent's house. They fortunately have wood heat and a gas stove (these are apparently important things to have when living in the Ozark mountains. We are going to have this in our new house) the lack of power was directly followed by games, puzzles, crafts, chess, and reading Little House on the Prairie by candlelight.... 33rd birthday, in hobbit years that means I am an adult...the power came on the night of my birthday. Wahoo...

...My parents and Liz came for a visit to celebrate the February birthday phenomenon (My mama, sister, myself, cousin, and Violet all are born in Feb). We stayed in Mountain View at the Lincoln Street Cottage. It was cozy and lots of fun. For an inside peak of our weekend check out my sister's blog. I was unable to take pictures, my computer was in the shop for a couple of weeks and I couldn't dump my camera ...
...and last but not least...
...Violet turned 5...
It is amazing how quickly time passes. She amazes me with the things that she can do and her developing personality each day. She continues to melt my heart. We had a fun day.
I made Faerie Pancake Stars with "clouds" and fruit salsa for breakfast from Violets (awesome Christmas gift from Mimi, just what mama always wanted) Fairy Cookbook

We had dinner at Gammer and Gaffers house and played movie theater with Kung Fu Panda as the feature. Violet and her cousin Kaley made tickets and a concession stand it was great fun.

front of ticket

back of ticket

Well it is good to be back on the blogging band wagon. I really missed it. Until next time.....

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