Thursday, December 4, 2008

Days of Chrismas: 4

4: Learn a Christmas Rhyme

So I thought that Violet would be totally jazzed about this one. She normally loves learning new songs and finger plays. She did them with me but, well...rather unenthusiastically. I will try again another day.

Oh yeah I got the finger plays here, and here.

This one seemed to be her favorite:

Here is the Chimney

Here is the Chimney
(Make fist, enclose thumb)

Here is the top.
(Put palm of hand on top of fist)

Open the lid.
(Remove hand quickly)

And out Santa will pop.
(pop up thumb)

....So in the world of castle baking preparations I made 5 giant pans of my Grandmother's yummy cheesy grits and 8 doz muffins. The festivities start tomorrow. It should be fun.

Cheesy Grits

Cook 2 c grits in 8 c boiling salted water.
Add 1 c sharp cheddar cheese, 1/4 lb butter, 3 eggs beaten
Season with 1/2 tsp garlic, salt, tobasco
Bake @ 400 for 30 min

....And if you are still reading and interested...I made this recipe times 12...yes times 12...and failed to read the little words in front of 2 c. of grits...COOK. I proceeded to measure the proper amount of grits into a GIANT bowl and pour boiling hot water over them...this produced a liquid soupy like mix...because in reality you have to COOK the grits in the boiling water...I then poured the whole darn mess of a thing into a GIANT pot and the proceeded to stir them for oh about an hour until they finally reached the thick and creamy grit status. Oh my was this a fiasco. My sister in law Joy helped my stir the giant vat of grits (which by the way anyone who walked past us stirring the vat said " Wow that is the biggest pot of grits I have ever seen!" ) and calm me down from a freak out. I have to say my track record/ baking chi is a little off this year. i had a similar experience on a much smaller scale with Mama's sweet potato delight. Oh well I guess I will just chock it up to a great learning experience. I now know how to cook a GIGANTIC vat of grits and will always make sure to check and double check a recipe before diving in.

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I'm Cammi said...

I'm about to get really goofy here so bear with me. I'm feeling sentimental this morning. But, it's so impressive that you find ways to include Violet in your many daily tasks and to make time to do fun small people activities with her. (I don't know how you find the time to blog! The days must be longer there.)
I imagine her as an adult, telling stories of what a good mama you were and of the fun memories she has. I think of times spent with my grandmother that were so dreamy and so significant to who I became. Helping to develop beautiful memories and traditions for our babies is such a wonderful opportunity! We are creating our legacy! So much pressure!!! Anyway, point is, your blog is inspiring and I want to come live with you! ;)